We are committed to tackling inequality of opportunity, and countering adversity, by enabling and developing positive, supportive relationships uniting school, club and community. TackleLondon was established to make a tangible, constructive difference to the lives of 10- to 24-year-old Londoners who face disproportionate challenges. We work with schools and rugby clubs, in communities affected by increased levels of poverty, neglect and social disadvantage, to facilitate access to our own brand of sports mentoring: regular and ongoing engagement with trusted, reliable adults. By providing access both to sport and to stable, dependable relationships, we aim to bring about significant, long-term change. These benefits are not confined to regular physical activity and the development of new skills.

The establishment of friendships and trust in teamwork, alongside respect for colleagues, opponents and officials is equally important. Above all, the transformational change we seek to influence derives from the positive effect of mentoring and its resultant influence on a young person’s aspiration to, and realisation of, their own potential. Close collaboration with schools to integrate our own programmes into their existing framework, in order to provide consistent and tailored coaching and mentoring, is the cornerstone of our approach. Maintaining supportive contact with each individual, whilst reviewing our performance in measurable terms, is central to our method. Our ultimate goal is to introduce each young person to the welcoming, inclusive, non-judgemental environment of their local community club “family”, establishing and building an ongoing network of healthy relationships within which they can thrive.

We work with rugby clubs to support them in engaging with young people in their community who have not accessed rugby before. We provide all coaches and volunteers with comprehensive training in working with young people who have encountered ACEs, so that the rugby club becomes a safe space for these young people and their families. We are determined that in engaging with TL the rugby club becomes a hub of their community, where all members can experience the transformational power of the ‘rugby home’. Please donate or get in touch if you would like to support our work.


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