Atlas exists to support the world’s most disadvantaged children, who live in extreme poverty, without the means to grow and create a better future for themselves. We use rugby to change the lives of these children, giving them a chance to thrive.

Rugby is a unique sport, played and followed by a tight-knit global family. Values of integrity, teamwork, enjoyment and commitment help create not just better players, but better people. Its bonds of friendship transverse the world, touching people regardless of race, religion, or gender.

Founded by Jason Leonard OBE, Atlas is the global children’s charity of rugby. Made up of members from across the global rugby community, we offer practical, meaningful support to children and communities who need it the most. Building memories; developing skills; creating opportunities to thrive.

We use our global network of rugby champions to identify communities where there is a need and an ability for us to make a meaningful impact on children’s lives. We use rugby to engage and inspire children in a safe, fun environment. Working alongside the community, we identify the specific barriers children face and partner with a range of local organisations to deliver additional tailored support across education, health, and inclusion.

We recognise that change doesn’t happen overnight and commit to working with a community for the long-term.

Since we began in 2014, we have supported over 190,00 children, in more than 40 communities in 19 countries.

Our ‘Rugby+’ model has been developed alongside local communities to harness the power of rugby and create real, meaningful change to children’s lives. Once we engage with a community, we commit for the long-term, ensuring lasting benefit.

We work with communities where there's a need and we can have a positive impact on children.

We use Rugby to install values of integrity, teamwork, enjoyment and commitment, using local partnership to deliver:


Attendance & attainment


Clean Water
Feminine hygiene
Mental health


Mixed programmes
Healthly relationships
Peace building

Helping children to live happier lives with better choices and opportunities to thrive.