In 2014 Lincoln Mali set up a rugby festival for Township schools in and around Port Elizabeth.

The ambition was to establish a lasting legacy for his rugby loving father, to reinvigorate interest in local rugby, to provide support and incentives to keep young people in education and to make a beneficial connection to their communities. The event, and the lives it influences, has grown year on year to include many schools from Townships and Villages across the Eastern Cape Province.


Who we are

Moved by the stories of key figures in South Africa’s victorious team at the 2019 Rugby World Cup and inspired by Lincoln’s efforts; Township was created as a resource generating enterprise to support Lincoln’s project and its wider aims. Our ambition is to help develop a sustainable environment that will allow disadvantaged young people, from Townships and Villages, the chance to develop their talents and prosper.

Township is a private project under the charitable umbrella of Atlas Foundation

What we do

Township’s fundraising work is intended to help advance Lincoln’s vision and to bring a Township squad to play in the UK. Township will also support legitimate and locally driven ventures; to broaden the horizons of underprivileged young people and to motivate them to engage in their communities, to remain in education, to participate in sport and to improve their situation. Township will also help finance infrastructure projects, training (e.g.coaching/refereeing courses) and provide funds for food and nutritional support.

Find out more on the Township website.


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“Rugby is not just a sport, its a way of life. It demands dedication, passion, and the relentless pursuit of improvement, both on and off the field.” Doc Danie Craven

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What a great opportunity and partnership.

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Great cause and initiative, let’s get this ball rolling

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All for a great cause , please donate .

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