We have been very excited to work with Studycat https://studycat.com/ to build on to the Khelo Rugby education programme.  The Studycat programme teaches the children English – a most valuable and transformational skill for these young children.  Khelo rugby educators have been trained by Studycat to run ‘pop-up’ classes using tablets supplied by the Memorial Fund.

Unfortunately, the initial pilot in Kolkata had to be suspended due to accommodation issues.  With nowhere to hold the classes it had to be suspended temporarily.  This did not dampen our enthusiasm for what is proving to be a continued success for these children.  Khelo took this opportunity to take the project to Sarawatipur which was always part of the development plan.

The data analysis for Sarawatipur identifies that 90 % of participant accounts were used on a weekly basis with the average playing time ranging between 20 to 30 minutes per session.  The average correct score for each participant ranged between 76% to 87% holding an average of 81%.  During the data analysis it was identified that more work is needed on literacy and alphabet areas.  When discussed it was exposed that this cohort of children have limited access to books and literature which may account for the data.  To address this issue Studycat have kindly donated their books on a PDF format, we plan to have them printed locally in India.

We need to provide 120 books to 30 children at £5 per book, if you would like to gift a book please click the link: Gift a book to children at Khelo Rugby! | The Atlas Foundation (theatlascharity.org)We are hugely grateful to StudyCat for their support! Studycat – Connected Language Learning is on a mission to inspire kids all over the world with a love of language learning. Their language apps aim to help children learn through fun and interactive game-play, resulting in happy, independent and lifelong learners. No boredom, no wasted time, just effective language acquisition.