Dicky Evans – Former Kenya Captain

Former Captain of Kenya and East Africa rugby teams, Richard “Dicky” Evans, remains a driving force in rugby in Kenya and in the UK.

Dicky moved to Kenya after being sent to Uganda for a dam inspection in place of his boss in the 1970s. He subsequently opened Hemingways first hotel in 1988 in Watamu on the stunning Kenyan coast. Since then Hemingways has expanded to Nairobi and Ol Seki in the Masi Mara, and are now described as the ‘finest hotels in Africa’ (Kenyans.co.ke)

In the UK, Dicky was a huge figure at the Cornish Pirates, taking control of the then Penzance and Newlyn RFC in 1995. Since then the Pirates grew the club and its facilities, helping achieve great success in winning the 2010 British and Irish Cup and twice reaching the Championship play-off final. BBC Sport (2014) reported, “There is no denying the fact that without Dicky Evans the Cornish Pirates would not exist as a successful club with real future Premiership aspirations.”

Through his work with Atlas, with the Nondescripts Rugby Club in Kenya and the Cornish Pirates in the UK, through his personal generosity, and through his Hemingways Foundation, he supports rugby and child development across both countries.