The ‘Villas’ of Buenos Aires can be a scary place to grow up. Poverty is endemic and gang violence is a part of everyday life, perpetuated by poor education and unemployment that pushes people into cycles of crime.  Virreyes Rugby Club is working to change that, aiming to provide a safe haven for families and to provide a direction for a better future.  

Using rugby to engage with the families, Virreyes offers cooked meals, access to an Atlas-funded doctor, and safe and affordable housing to help the families take care of their health and well-being, as well as support for schooling and employment to encourage families to pursue opportunities beyond the shantytowns. With Atlas’ support, rugby at Virreyes has renewed purpose for the families and established a positive example of community and friendship. 


Since 2018, the programme in Argentina has grown to work in 6 rugby clubs and 20 schools in the suburbs surrounding Buenos Aries. Virreyes Rugby Club has helped over 600 children directly, as well as providing additional meals and food rations to the wider community. Overall, 125,000 meals were cooked, prepared and delivered during the height of the pandemic