Creating Change for Young Londoners 

We are committed to tackling inequality of opportunity, and countering adversity, by enabling and developing positive, supportive relationships uniting school, club and community. 


– Health and Wellbeing
– Education
– Young Londoners aged 6-24


It’s well documented that many areas of London have underprivileged neighbourhoods, whose younger members face significant challenges. Extensive research from around the world emphatically demonstrates the correlation between exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the incidence of Health Harming Behaviours. 


TackleLondon was established to make a tangible, constructive difference to the lives of 6- to 24-year-old Londoners who face disproportionate challenges including living with, or experiencing ACEs. We work with schools and rugby clubs, in communities affected by increased levels of poverty, neglect and social disadvantage, to facilitate access to our own brand of sports mentoring: regular and ongoing engagement with trusted, reliable adults. We see this in fantastic mentor projects such as the New Deal For Young People.

“Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing the world today.” – Dr Robert Block, Former President of the AAP 

“TackleLondon is vital for those young people who are at a fork in the road and are potentially going to make the wrong decisions” – Stephen Akinsanya, Barrister 15 New Bridge Street 


  • Working with local authorities, schools and sports departments to identify struggling pupils. 
  • Collaborating with community sports clubs to install necessary resources and environment along with training and equipping all our coaches and mentors with the required skills and ongoing backing. 
  • Working closely with recognised research and established appraisal frameworks. 
  • Placing youth welfare at the heart of everything we do, ensuring exceptional safeguarding for all. 
  • Demonstrating rugby’s positive capacity for development in young people. 

How we use your donations 

  • £5 can ensure a young person has their transport costs covered for a session 
  • £8 could cover the costs for 1 pupil for a session 
  • £62 could ensure 10 kids have a session 


This project is new, so we have not been able to see any long-term impacts yet. More information on the impact will be coming soon!