Reducing Gender Based Violence in South Africa 

Atlas partners with Gauteng Womens Rugby Institute (GWRI) to provide safe accommodation, food and hygiene products for young female rugby players who need it most. Women here are given the chance to study and train, developing opportunities to reach their potential and prepare for a career. 


– Education
– Employment
– Health and Wellbeing
– Gender inequality
– Homeless/refuge
– Children aged 3-18
– Women and girls
– Young people aged 18-30


In South Africa, the high prevalence of violence and gender inequality are profoundly impacting the quality of life for girls and women, pushing them to the margins of society and denying them the chance to reach their full potential. 13.1% of females aged 15-49 reported being subject to physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner. 15.6% females vs 6.5% males spend time on unpaid domestic chores or care work. 


At GWRI a safe environment is provided for women who have been subject to gender-based violence in townships, to live in a hostel and provide them with 3 meals a day and hygiene products. A career pathway is created for the women through partnerships with several educational providers. Life values and a healthy lifestyle is promoted through the rugby programme which includes player development and options of following a career in rugby through coaching, referee and administration programmes. 

“I joined the academy when they first opened their doors to young women like me from disadvantaged backgrounds. It taught me to become a better being through life changing situations. I got to stretch my wings and got the opportunity to coach young, talented girls.”

– Kheselina Rens 

“I eventually became a better coach not just to the young ones I was training but a better coach to myself and for my teammates as well. GWRI helped me build a good character for myself and also challenged me to come out of my comfort zone and face my fears in order to reach greater heights.”

– Aamina Mustafa 

“There was not many opportunities to play rugby where I stayed, because it was a disadvantage place and we lived in poverty, but that one email from Gauteng Women’s Rugby Institute changed it all… Now I have the opportunity to study at the university of Pretoria.”

– Yolanda Malangeni 


  • Through education and training help more women to be financially independent so that they are less reliant on a male to provide for them, allowing them to escape the biggest reason for gender-based violence in South Africa. 
  • To provide female leaders and mentors for the girls in the townships and help to educate the next generation about gender-based violence and gender equality through rugby programmes in schools. 
  • Empower these women through education and training, counselling and the sport of rugby – harnessing the values of integrity, hard work and respect and promoting self-esteem and self-efficacy. 
  • Work towards gender equality in sport. 
  • Provide women from townships in South Africa access to safe accommodation, food, sanitation, education, sport and community in order to escape a life where they have been subject to gender-based violence. 

How we use your donations 

  • £500 – Community coaches stipends  
  • £3,000 – Wages – Coaches and support staff  
  • £2,000 – Water, gas and electricity  
  • £3,000 – Food and beverages  
  • £500 – Student stipends  
  • £1,000 – Sanitary products and medicine 


Provision of tertiary education to females who would have otherwise not been able to access it, increasing knowledge, skills and becoming role models to younger girls. Giving back to the communities where they come from; by coaching the younger female players and being part of a mentorship program for other young females within the townships, they share their learnt knowledge of gender-based violence and help reduce inequalities. Increased numbers of female coaches, referees and administrators.