How we help

After a few years of the UK based Atlas Foundation working with children through local projects in the USA and Argentina, an “Atlas of the Americas” was conceived in 2019. We were legally established in January 2020 and have since built upon the existing generous supporters base to create a diligent and focused implementation of funding across the continent.

Although Atlas USA is based in North America, we exist to alleviate suffering of the poorest children across and North and South America, and at times, beyond. Our Board of Trustees and  Rugby Champions offer a range of expertise in law, finance, charitable management, and global enterprise to join the mission to break cycles of poverty at home and abroad.

The main beneficiary of Atlas USA’s support is Memphis Inner City Rugby (MICR). Memphis city is one of the most deprived neighborhoods in the United States with cycles of generational poverty and systemic inequity, under-resourced communities, and little upward social mobility pushing the children that grow up here into gangs and drugs.With Atlas’s support, MICR provide mentoring and meaningful relationships to develop the children’s social skills, as well as a supportive and accountable environment to help the students acquire skills and connections that will allow them to thrive in a career beyond the club.

How you can help Atlas USA

To make a direct difference to disadvantaged children across America, make a donation through Global Giving.


Urban Rugby Championships

Funded by Atlas USA, 20 children from Memphis got on a plane for the first time and headed to Washington for the URC. Afterwards, the children spoke of pride and excitement, getting out of the comfort zone and the joy of meeting new people and friends.


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If you would like to get involved with Atlas USA and find out about their events, please contact [email protected]