Many children growing up in South Africa are failed by an education system that is riddled with inequality, overcrowded classrooms and poor resources. Children in Langa, on of the largest townships in Cape Town, learn in their mother tongue until Grade 4, where they learn exclusively in English, often leaving them unable to understand the content and falling behind. It has led to low attainment and a staggering 40% drop out rate that continues to drive inter-generational poverty. Atlas is proud that the recently launched Atlas DigiBus is changing this.  

Working with our partner on the ground, The Vusa Rugby Academy, the DigiBus is equipped with 40 laptops, supporting schools across Langa develop their children’s vital math, STEM and digital literacy skills, as well as supporting the transition into an English Language curriculum. In addition to the core curriculum, the programme helps give young people the confidence to amplify their voices and communicate with those around themin an engaging, alternative way to classroom learning. As the children are taught to critically think and problem-solve, the Atlas DigiBus is ensuring that children are equipped with employer-demanded skills and have opportunities to thrive in a career of their choice as they grow older. 


The Atlas DigiBus is working with almost 1,000 children on a weekly basis. It has helped develop skills of all the students it works with in language, maths and ITC skills and educational attainment rates have risen. Previously, 17% of pupils had cited poor academic performance as their reason for dropping out so the impact of the DigiBus has been vital in turning this around for the Langa community. The DigiBus has also trained all staff and volunteers on an Emerging Leaders course, promising to ensure high quality standards of teaching are maintained for the children.