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Join us to help Little Sports!

Throughout July we are raising funds for Little Sports, a project in Kenya that is transforming disadvantaged girls lives using rugby and education.

How are Little Sports making a difference?

Over 60% of families live in extreme poverty, with young girls stuck in cycles of teen pregnancy and early marriages that allow inter generational poverty to continue. This vicious cycle is worsened as many families are unable to afford the high school fees, causing many children to leave school early. Without an education, young people here have no route to increase their quality of life, and no opportunities to ever leave their town. The only proven way to break these desperate cycles of poverty is to ensure all children get the education they deserve and the support they need to realise their full potential.

Thanks to Little Sports, young girls now have a chance to escape this poverty. Through weekly rugby sessions, they are are provided with hot nutritious meals, school supplies, and educational support. Little Sports also funds school fees for girls to go to better schools, ensuring they stay in school, helping to reduce the high rates of teen pregnancy and early marriages that cause many girls to lost sight of their future.

How can you help?

YOU can make a difference to the girls at Little Sports this month by giving less than £10!

You could give:

  • Just £7 to provide clean drinking water for the girls at training this month – we only need 10 people to give £7 to provide all the girls with safe, clean drinking water!
  • £4.50 to feed one child at training this week with a hot, nutritious meal, often the only hot meal the girls will have all week.
  • £9.50 to provide school supplies for 10 children for 3 months – families simply can not afford these supplies that are needed for children to have a full education.
  • £20 to buy a pair of shoes for a girl at Little Sports, allowing them to join in the rugby sessions that boost their confidence!

Donate on the appeal page to help girls at Little Sports!

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